The It Factor

Do you have IT?

Do you know what “IT” is?

Are you doing everything you can to improve your on air show or podcast? Growing listeners and keeping an audience listening is the goal.

Everyone in every field can improve with the right coaching and development, you can too. 

Steve Wall works with, coaches and develops talent.  Taking advantage of his 30+ years experience of coaching top-performing talent. Wall’s coaching skills will improve any personality’s performance which will increase audience, ratings and ultimately secure more income from advertisers.

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If you’re ready to develop a winning strategy to increase the performance of the most important element “your creative on-air content,” email us for more information, pricing and to get started with TalentFarm

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Program Directors, Consultants, Coaches and Managers are spread across so many duties that in many cases the real talent doesn’t get the time they need for input and improvement, much less any talent development. If you’re ready to grow, it’s time to take control of your career.

Proven and Consistent #1 Top Ratings in key female and male demographics; Persons 25-54, P18-34, P12+, P6+. #1 in San Diego, #1 Kansas City, #1 Nashville, #1 Monterey-Santa Cruz-Salinas, #2 Richmond, #1 Bakersfield, #1 Sacramento, #1 Stockton, #1 Modesto, #1 Fresno, #1 Denver, #2 Spokane, Jones Radio Network. Ranked among the highest rated and most successful radio stations in the United States (Arbitron / Nielsen).

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