Best-In-Class Production Libraries

Alpha Libraries for Radio… Your Production, Imaging, Promos and on air shows never sounded so good!

The first music service of its kind, offering stations access to hundreds of libraries updated daily with the best radio-ready production music, sound effects, and imaging audio through one innovative service. Over 2.6 million tracks and growing by 6 new albums every day of the week.

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The largest collection of Production Music Libraries EVER distributed to Radio. 

Alpha Libraries for Radio features Sonic Search, format-curated and customized playlist packages; high-quality, new music delivered continually from publishers; as well as file hosting for quick and easy collaboration, download, distribution and delivery.

Hundreds of thousands of premium music tracks previously only available to major ad agencies, theatrical marketing and film studios. Tap into the deepest selection of music from every format, all in one innovative service.

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Major Market On Air Personalities.

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Talent Farm On Air Personalities create daily radio shows using your stations music, for all dayparts.  Your Stations Music + Great On Air Content automated, and distributed hands free, digitally = Winning Sound and Rating$!  24/7 Variety Hits Format Listen Live

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