Programming Checklist

Top 10 Programming Priorities

“People listen to be entertained… Striving to provide the best entertainment available with the music we play, the promotions we do & the air staff we recruit everyday exceeding the day before. Listeners get caught up in the excitement & the enthusiasm and are a major part of keeping the big picture BIG!”

1. The Music.

Determine focused strategic universe.

Achieve music flow, balance, and continuity.

Maintain Freshness, Integrate research.

2. Morning Show.

Review content and continuity.

Lend enthusiastic support and guidance. Keep Focused and Happy!

3. Personalities.

Weekly direction, coaching & air checks.

Improve weekends. Constantly recruit and upgrade. Feedback.

4. Promotions.

Constantly creating ideas and collaborating with others on theirs. Promotions meetings with morning show and sales team.

Use informative teaser and congrats promos & liners for maximum impact.

Monitor legality and logistics. Show up to your promotions and have staff enthusiastically present at station events.

5. Positioning.

Keep positioning well defined, but maintain freshness and creativity. Listener promos stating why they listen. Create a personal “Stationality!”

6. Research.

Be a walking research project. Talk to everyone about the station. Attend all promotions. Maintain channels for sales & staff feedback.

Answer all comment & complaint letters, emails and calls promptly. Maintain request sheets and comment logs. Plan strategies to implement research results. Maintain a constant sense of where the format and industry is going.

7. Marketing.

Think Big! Seek topical, hip and relevant marketing through promotion. Reinforce major marketing themes with all topical affiliations.

Get morning shows maximum exposure. Dominate mass media channels. Use press releases & conferences to publicize major projects. Seek cross promo opportunities with TV. Be involved, give something back. Local public service. Give the station credit. Advertise what we advertise.

8. Engineering Programming Interface.

Monitor sound of station & suggest improvements & weak areas. Make sure available tools are being used to bring station sound to full potential. Make sure engineer is responsive & accountable to needs of programming staff.

9. Leadership & Team Building.

Share the vision! Lead from a posture of character, principle, influence and example. You’re never too big to do small things. Let people know where they stand. Find everyone doing something right. Address behavior and performance problems quickly & with compassion. Hire the right people, hire your weakness. Manage conflict, insist on mutual respect.

10. The Big Picture.

Radio stations are interdependent people driven organizations, be human. Encourage employees to see beyond the scope of their own job descriptions & not lose sight of the organizations major goals. Open and improve communication channels. Remember everybody is important, each department is essential & each employee should be treated with equal respect

Most Importantly “Have Fun!”

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