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Over 2.8 million tracks and growing by 6 new albums every day.

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Radio’s Production Music & SFX Powerhouse!

All Of The Best Radio-Ready Production Music Libraries In One Innovative Service

Alpha Libraries for Radio is hosted and distributed via Source Audio’s industry-leading cloud-based music search and delivery system, providing access to hundreds of thousands of premium audio elements from all formats for use in radio commercials, promos, and spots. The service includes:

• Unlimited access to hundreds of premium music libraries & labels — including many libraries you may already know and love — that have been selected and curated specifically for radio production. 

• New libraries, albums, tracks, and playlists added to the service daily
• Hundreds of thousands of premium music beds
• Hundreds of thousands of sound effects & sound design elements
• Curated playlists & AI search to simplify music discovery and overall ease of use
• User support, training, and assistance on an as-needed and ongoing basis

Alpha Libraries for Radio is the largest collection of music libraries ever distributed to radio.

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*Find the best music for your shows, commercials, and promos easier and faster than ever before.
*Alpha Libraries for Radio is perfect for stations and markets of all sizes.
*One simple Web solution with no software, drives, discs, or updates for you to manage, ever.
*Libraries and publishers manage and update their content meaning you get new music instantly every day.
*Access deep catalogs of brand-new music from the top production music providers in the world.
*Manage and collaborate on projects with playlists.
Perform “sounds like” searches with mp3′s, YouTube, and SoundCloud links.
*Lightning-fast downloads of mp3′s, wav’s, and aiff’s.
*Music Beds, Music for Imaging, Production, Sound Effects, Sound Design Elements, Jingles & Clips.

Contact Steve Wall at 206-661-5551 or email Steve@SourceAudio.com to walk you through the key features, filters, mix-outs, and quick search tips that will have you painting by ear with Alpha Libraries for Radio.

Alpha Libraries for Radio has partnered with hundreds of music publishers, libraries, and catalogs to bring you the deepest selection of music and sound design elements available anywhere on one perfect platform. Every genre, every format, everything you need! Click to sample Playlists of music genres. The artists and musicians signed with Alpha Libraries for Radio are creating what we hear in movies, television, and chart-topping hits today.

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Alpha Extras… affiliates gain access to Alpha’s Marketplace for custom production, imaging, copywriting, advertiser jingles, and more, at significant price breaks.

Alpha Libraries Marketplace

Questions, and to sign up, contact Steve Wall at 206-661-5551 or email Steve Wall


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