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“Radio Show Demos and Radio Station Composites”

As a Successful Radio Programmer Steve Wall searches for the best talent, plays the hits, discovers new talent, breaks records, beats the streets, and connects on social networks.

Wall will teach your staff to find ways to get the most impact out of promotional budgets, no matter how small they are.

Steve Wall wins because he has a record of finding the right authentic talent, creating timely & fun content, bigger than life promotions, breaking music, playing the hits…and executing all of the above.

Music is our business and business is good! Steve’s worked with some of the BEST research minds in the business, setting up and executing in-house, external and online research departments.

We’ve all heard the old adage that Music is first, talent is second. That is true – until your talent is better than the music your playing (it DOES happen!) MANCOW, BAKABOYS, JENNIFER WILDE, KOZMAN, RUSTY HUMPHRIES, JAMIE WHITE, are just a few examples…

Talent & Team Building Steve’s discovered & uncovered some of the radio industries biggest and best on air talents. A great team builder puts the right talent in the room then coaches them to success.

KDON – In the early days of the “Morning Madhouse” Steve discovered Erich ManCow Muller who was producing the morning show at KBEQ KC. Here’s Mancows first on-air break “winning the KDON morning show from Monterey Jack.” The stunts continued…


“BakaBoyz” KKXX – Mixers, DJ’s, MD’s led Eric and Nick to Power 106, KKBT LA, KMEL SF, The Beat Miami, Mix Masters Syndicated weekly show and producing music.

The Rusty Humphries Radio Show, 400+ radio stations nation wide – ranked top five biggest talk shows in the country! RustyHumphries

Mark Adams KKXX / Z90 / Z95.7 / KXJM / KKHH / KHMX / VPP CC Mark Adams

Leigh Ann Adam 99KG – Mornings, PD / KEGL – KHKS Dallas / KBIG Los Angeles / Lite Dallas.

Jennifer Wilde KDON – PD/Mornings, Mornings KS-107.5, Jammin 92.5 Denver, Alice 105-9 Denver / Actress ~ Artist. JenniferWilde

Kevin KozMan Koske KKXX – MD nights, KIIS LA, KALC Denver, PM Drive Mix 101.9 Chicago. “Dig Your Gig KOZ!” Kozman

Morris Knight Morrison – KWIN/KWNN – MD/Middays, musician /artist Morrison – Mornings KISQ SF ~ Kiss 98.1 MorrisKnight

Great Radio stations don’t become a part of the community, they become the community. Working with local organizations, with the power of radio’s reach and the loyal audience, we create benefits which turn into major fund raisers for many community non-profits whom couldn’t make a market impact with out the power we’ve been entrusted with. Those are the best promotions, they win with everyone.

KMGV Steve walked “naked” (Steve’s dog in a t-shirt that read naked) for tax relief.

KWIN/KWNN: Flood aide raised $56,000 for local flood relief.

MIX 93.3 Kansas City: We began the drive to revive an abandoned drug houses.

Z90 San Diego, Artist Meet & Greets, gorilla marketing, comic strips, out on streets 7 days a week in two Big Buses’.

Push play to listen to some fun Z90 promotions.

KKXX: The flying Elvis’s helped raise $10,000 in 10 hours 53 minutes for burn survivors!

KKXX: Spring Jam raised over $100,000 for Bakersfield College tutorial programs.

KKXX: We created the One Race, (The Human Race) One Radio Station (Positive social awareness, “Save the planet & increase the peace” campaign)

“KKXX One World – One Race”

Here’s 5 things you can do to help save our planet.

“Make it Earth Day ~ Every Day”

“Mix 93.3 celebrate life promo”

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