24/7 Classic Country: Non-Stop Music & On-Air Talent

Classic Country, The Rooster!

Listen Live “The Rooster” Talent Farm 24/7 Classic Country
Classic Country is a balanced mix of Country hits supported by a carefully selected collection of O-Wow classics.

Our Classic Country format as heard on “The Rooster” is professionally developed by Steve Warren, the respected programmer and consultant who pioneered the Hot Country format that swept across radio in the 1990s.

Country has been my specialty since the 80’s. My formatting philosophy and techniques have produced success stories in markets across this nation. At this point, with advertising marketing forces in chaotic evolution and with new and unprecedented competition from exotic listening platforms, a successful broadcast station must have a hit-filled, but still unique music mix that is consistently entertaining. In short, the orchestra needs a conductor. That’s what I do. I manage and direct the station’s most critical element.

Talent Farm On Air Personalities can be inserted and fully automated into any day part, or you can use your morning show, or one of ours, your afternoon drive show, or one of ours, etc.

Talent Farm Classic Country 24/7

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 These 24/7 formats are available by barter, cash, or a hybrid of both options.

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