If the music’s not right, nothing else matters.

MusicONE & TrafficONE



Music Radio is a craft, a craftsman needs a proper tool

“The music flow is perfect. Every hour sounds like I put it together by hand. And, it takes me only about five minutes a day. Wow!”

What is it and who needs it?

MusicONE is an application designed for one purpose:  Scheduling music and programming content for radio. In so doing, it ensures each hour of the broadcast day is consistent with the station’s formatting plans; that the songs and all other content are evenly and reliably scheduled. With M1, your station can have the sound and feel of a hand-curated playlist 24/7.

For music radio pros, switching to M1 is an eye-opener. It delivers spot-on spin counts and precise, consistent rotational placement for every song in each category. And with very little need for log editing. The added benefit is M1 users reclaim 90% of the time it took to get schedules this great with their old software.

If this will be your first experience using a professional scheduling tool, your experience with M1 will help orient and train you in the craft of planning and producing music radio.  Contact Steve Warren at 512-392-2467 or steve@gomusic1.com for more details on MusicOne

Radio’s Quickest Editor And The Most Reliable Schedules

When using other music scheduling software, it is common to spend an hour a day editing each music log.  Most Music 1 users get it done in less than ten minutes and the average is just five minutes at the task. That’s 5 minutes to a perfect music schedule without formatting errors or rule violations and without unscheduled slots.  Music 1 delivers perfect spin counts and music radio’s most reliable song rotations. 

Music 1 Is the Ideal Scheduling Solution for Stations Large and Small, Broadcast and Internet

Music 1 was designed by one of American radio’s most experienced and accomplished music programming veterans. It is a functionally robust scheduling tool with innovative technology that easily handles all of the complex needs of modern radio programming operations.  Yet, its basic functions are simple and intuitive. Music radio veterans who switch from other software are amazed at M1’s scheduling reliability and efficiency. Radio novices launching LPFM, DAB and internet stations learn and master MusicONE quickly. The current release is the 7th generation of the software. It now has a twenty-five year track record of excellent service at radio stations large and small world-wide.

Works with All Radio Automation Systems

From AudioVault and Avra to PlayOutOne, Zeta, Zara, and Zenon, Music 1 works with all of the radio world’s digital automation and playout systems.  Each one of them needs a playlist file that conforms to its own special needs. Music 1 has custom-built and system-specific playlist/log file outputs for the one you are using now.  And, for any new one your station might acquire in the future.

Contact Steve Warren at 512-392-2467 or steve@gomusic1.com for more details on MusicOne


The Traffic & Billing solution from MusicONE, Efficient Order Entry, Easy Order Updates

TrafficOne YouTube Video  TrafficONE is the broadcast traffic & billing application developed by the MusicONE team. It has a unique look-and-feel because part of its super-efficient scheduling algorithm was borrowed, adapted and customized from the solid and mature source code that drives the MusicONE scheduler.

Most commonly, TrafficONE is also available as a stand-alone application that works with all broadcast automation playout systems. Optionally, T1 can be incorporated into MusicONE and the duo becomes a single unit. The one application then manages both distinctive tasks. Click once and it schedules music and other content. Click again, it schedules the commercials and the fully merged daily schedule file is delivered to the playout system.

The quickest and easiest music scheduling software algorithm gave birth to radio’s quickest and easiest traffic and billing software. See how simple order-entry is in this video. 

TrafficONE is an optional add-on to MusicONE, or it can be ordered as a stand-alone software.

Trial and pricing requests: Contact Steve Warren at 512-392-2467 or steve@gomusic1.com for more TrafficOne information  Traffic One Details 

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