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Steve Wall has launched some of radios, most successful talent…


The BakaBoyz ~ Mancow ~ Rusty Humphries ~ Jennifer Wilde ~ KozMan ~ Mark Adams ~ Kelly Urich ~ Chris Davis (Mark Lorenson) ~ Leigh Ann Adam ~ Efren Sifuentes ~ Morris Knight ~ C-Minus ~ Mr Choc ~ to name a few…

Steve Wall’s Talent Farm works with and discovers new talent, rich content and programming solutions for radio stations.

Steve has always had an ear for talent, from picking the hits before they were released – to discovering up and coming radio talent from a mound of demos. He’s been a successful on-air talent himself, so he understands talent and what they need to succeed. It’s not always easy to handle the fragile creative ego, but I always felt heard and understood when I spoke to Steve. We started working together in 1988, and continue to work together on voiceover and creative projects today. Jennifer Wilde Daily Show / Actress

Mancow Pic PointingThere would be no MANCOW w/out Steve Wall. I’d still be dancing down at the warf w/sailors for nickels. Steve Wall knows how to actually WIN in radio. His track record is unparalleled. Steve Wall has picked more talent from obscurity than a leper has picked… Where there is no vision people perish. Steve Wall is a visionary and a man of great leadership and skill to boot. His track record still amazes me. Steve Wall is a winner! Erich MANCOW Muller

bbyzSteve Wall was responsible for foreseeing the talent in “The BakaBoyz” before we left Bakersfield for L.A. to Power 106. He always brought a fun and energetic environment to every aspect of the work place. He was a pleasure to work for and always inspired his employees to strive to be the best. I would recommend any company that loves to win to bring this great guy aboard.Nick Vidal BakaBoyz Productions

LeighAnnAdamRadioSteve Wall hired me to do mornings with him at 99KG in Salina Kansas in the mid 80’s. There was something magical about that radio station, and I had a fun time working with Steve on and off the air. (And frankly he needed me!) We had some of the highest ratings in the history of that station, and we were nominated by Billboard Magazine as station of the year, Steve was nominated PD of the year! That great station helped launch both Steve and my career, and I really enjoyed working with him. Steve’s track record of programming great radio stations, consulting and developing talent speaks highly of his skills. If you have a station and want winning ratings, to win in-the-hallways and on-the-streets, and increase your revenues. Steve Wall is who you should have on your team. Leigh Ann Adam Dallas

cdavisSteve Wall was a strong mentor to me. He thoroughly coached me, helped me refine my skills, and gracefully allowed Bill Richards to move me to WNCI Columbus about a year later. Steve has a unique talent for picking the hits, finding and coaching the right personalities and making it all work – rare in the business today. Steve also has an uncommon ability to get the best out of his team. His skills as a talent magnet are extraordinary. From Leigh Ann who came to work with us at 99KG, to Mancow, Rusty, The Bakaboyz, Koz, Mark Adams, Danny C, the list just keeps growing. I’ve watched Steve grow over the years as both an incredible person and a successful program director. Now his many years of experience, love for this business, and hard work have without question earned him a place alongside the true, seasoned radio veterans. If you’re looking for a brilliant PD or consultant that will lead with both clarity and certainty and take your talent or station to the next level, I very highly recommend that you seriously consider Steve. He’s a rare find. Chris Davis WNCI Columbus & then some

allanhI worked with Steve as GM at KKXX (CHR) in Bakersfield from 91 to 94 and he is a Dynamo. Steve took the station to a world class staff that brought us to the #5 highest rated CHR in the USA and Billboard Best of Format award. Steve’s talent acquisition skills are amazing! He hired midday and afternoon personalities that were good enough to have worked and still worked on LAs KIIS-FM and Power 106 and a morning guy who is now nationally syndicated. Even our part-timers on KKXX weren’t from Bakersfield; they drove in from LA and Santa Barbara, etc. to do part-time shifts on the station because Steve built in a national recognized juggernaut of talent. Prior to working for me Steve is the guy who found and hired Mancow and most of the people he hired during his three years in Bakersfield are now Major players in Major Markets from Coast to Coast. At our first meeting, Steve laid out his critique of the station and his vision of what needed to be done. He concluded with the statement: “If you hire me every talent on that radio station will be performing at their best in 90 days, or the bar will be set too high and they will move on.” My response was “you’re hired.” It was decision I never regretted. I went on to go back into programming five stations in Tucson then back into Sales Management, but of my 25 years in Radio, Steve Wall will always stand out as one of my Top 3 best hires. Screw trying to grow talent. Hire it, hire Steve Wall and he will grow it! Allan Hammerel VP/GM KKXX

I first met and worked with Steve in 1988. Over the past 21 years I’ve watched him become an accomplished air talent and radio professional. He has done so through that combination of qualities that is all too rare: hard work, honesty, continual self-improvement, and an overflowing positive attitude. If you can get him on your team, do so. Steve Casey Steve Casey Research / SRVP Program Research Strategy CC / iHeartMedia


Steve has a tremendous passion and energy for not only radio, but life as well. This guy is infectious! As a manager, Steve is a motivator that will get behind everyone on the team to block, tackle and when the ball is handed off he’s the first one to cheer you on. Steve’s biggest gift is the ability to coach and grow talent into superstars. If you’re looking for a guy that can inspire and get it done then you need “ThatGuy Steve!” Kevin (Koz) Koske WTMX Chicago


Steve Wall is an industry leader and I can’t tell you how much I learned from the guy during our period together at KMXV in Kansas City . His programming skills, combined with great people skills, make him one of the elite guys in the business. Steve Wall gets radio and all the other marketing that comes with it these days. I would gladly recommend him for taking your business to the next level. Any questions contact me Kelly Urich Kansas City

I have worked for Steve Wall in a number of different capacities over two decades. Nobody is better than Steve at working the phones, I mean nobody! He is smart, kind, a great team player and fantastic leader. I highly recommend Steve Wall! Rusty Humphries  Air Personality

I recommend – very highly – Steve Wall. Steve was our PD at Star 97 in Nashville and made the station sound better during his tenure than it had sounded at any time during its existence. He was always extremely prepared and, as a result, so was everyone else on his staff. His on air enthusiasm was very contagious and made the whole station sound great. He was a good coach for the air talent and always had exciting and very targeted promotions on the station. He had a knack for music scheduling which kept the station on target every hour of the day. Steve is very plugged in to the newer technologies like Twitter and Facebook and knows how to keep the station website up to date with the most relevant content. On a personal note, Steve is a joy to have on the staff. He is always positive and working hard to make the station better every day. His enthusiasm is contagious. I know Steve would do a wonderful job for you. Jim Kennedy (Former VP Cumulus Media) Jim Kennedy Consulting

Steve Wall is passionate, motivated and tremendously optimistic in this passing phase of radio bashing. As we witness radio rebounding and enduring the vicissitudes of technological challenges, Steve stays engaged in the evolving industry, yet remains committed to the basics that never fail. Best of all, Steve is passionate about the people he works with, and is one of the most generous pros in broadcasting. Tommy Griffiths

Steve is an outstanding air personality with a love for music and people. I had a blast working with Steve in Virginia and then hired him for Afternoon Drive at KDON in Salinas-Monterey. Steve replaced me as Program Director of KDON when I was promoted and I would absolutely hire Steve again if the right opportunity came up! Jamie Hyatt SVPP iHeartMedia Honolulu

Steve is a consummate professional with a colorful career in broadcasting, and an asset to any group. Among Steve’s personal qualities I have admired most have been not only his creativity and grasp of the abstract, but also his vitality, work ethic and day-to-day welcoming demeanor. I would recommend Steve for virtually any position you have within your organization, and hope that you will extend to him every possible courtesy and opportunity. Roger Nelson Market Manager of Radio Programming & Operations, KXLY Broadcast Group

I needed a seasoned high-profile afternoon personality for Jones Radio Networks Hot AC format when I re-tooled it in 2003. I hired Steve Wall to help us raise the bar… and he did! Jon Holiday Sr Dir Programming, Jones Radio Networks Denver

Steve programmed KMXV, Mix 93.3 when Danny Douglas and I were doing mornings as “Danny and The Barber”. We made it to number one in all female demos. I’d say it was a job well done! My constant thanks to him for making us look so good. Karen Barber 

Steve Wall is a rare Program Director who knows content, talent, music and is a great manager of his staff. I’ve known him to develop and launch the broadcast careers in multiple formats such as Rusty Humphries, Erich “Mancow” Muller and The Bakaboyz among many others. Steve is more than an idealist as he has the ability to execute and he is a proven ratings winner. Any radio station would be lucky to have him at the helm. Terry Anzaldo Owner, TA entertainment

Steve & I worked together for a brief time at the “Grapevine Radio” version of KKXX-FM in Bakersfield . He blew in to this market leading station and showed us how to make it sizzle with energy, excitement and passion; quickly leading KKXX past perennial top-rated KUZZ to become Bakersfield’s #1 Radio Station. It was a pleasure to watch Steve’s programming magic work successfully in Fresno, San Diego and many other major markets. If our professional paths should ever cross again, I’d work with him in a heartbeat! Chris Squires

Steve Wall is one of the most receptive, “Out Of The Box” thinkers, and talent managers that I have met in the business. He understands all facets of the radio industry and knows exactly how to problem solve and make magic happen. Mickey English Producer, Mancow’s Morning Madhouse


Steve is a creative and progressive team player. He’s energetic, and a lot of fun to work with! Jerry Post News Director TV4, KXLY Broadcast Group

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