February 18, 2017

Pat Matthews 70s Deja Vu

70s Deja Vu is all about the culture, fashion and the music of the 70s.

70s Deja Vu DEMO

Pat Matthews 70s Deja Vu is a 3 hour weekly show featuring the best music and moments from the 70s.

If you’re interested in Pat Matthews 70’s Deja Vu call 206-661-5551


Pat Matthews Bio

Pat Matthews is a voiceover artist who has performed on thousands of radio and television commercials and promos; has written and produced radio programs, television news and feature programs. He has also written, voiced and hosted hundreds of training films and DVDs, as well as produced and hosted in- flight programs for major airlines like American, Air Canada, PSA, TWA and Continental.

Matthews has been involved in radio for most of his adult life, a love that he says began with an introduction to The Beatles. Like many young boys who were inspired by The Beatles, Matthews discovered a passion for music. He played keyboard in a band in high school and at 19, got his first radio job as a full-fledged disc jockey, and just four years later, a radio program director over one of the first automated stations in the country.

“I’ve worked in every format of radio from Christian to Country,” said Matthews. “The only thing I haven’t done is Classical.” In 1986, Matthews moved to California, where he worked for five years as a television news anchorman before becoming a freelance actor and voice-over artist.

A married father of six and a grandfather of seven, Matthews continues to do voice-over work for radio and television, with most of the voice-over work done out of his home studio.His love of The Beatles has quite naturally lead him to program and run Beatles-A-Rama!!! (beatlesarama.com) an Internet Radio 24/7 online radio station since 2001. “And obviously his overall love for music has led him to re-discover all the great songs and artists from the Seventies, when he was riding the airwaves as a “Top 40” jock.”