April 5, 2016

Charlie Tuna “Best of The 70’s”

“Charlie Tuna ~ The Best of  The 70’s” Tribute Page: No longer available for syndication.


Charlie Tuna’s timeless talent “the Best of The ‘70s!”

Charlie’s inimitable personality, voice, humor, and passion for the music, artists, and pop culture of the ‘70s comes through, surrounded by classic hits of the era. Listen to his heartwarming personality and powerful presence with a collection of hit Charlie Tuna Shows.


Charlie Tuna BIO


Honoring the mission of creating great on-air content to radio stations, our dear friend and business partner, Art Ferguson / Charlie Tuna (RIP 2/19/16)

Charlie Tuna Passes-2-19-16 media release    

Charlie Tuna ~ Radio Ink    Charlie Tuna ~ All Access    

Charlie Tuna ~ Video Tribute       

Charlie Tuna ‘s Legacy Lives on with Best of The 70’s Show via Talent Farm    

Jennifer Wilde Launches into Syndication with Charlie Tuna daily show affiliates ~ All Access