Is a Syndicated Radio Show Right For Your Station?

Is a Syndicated Radio Show Right For Your Station? by Tracy Johnson Listeners demand entertainment. And as the world gets smaller, the bar gets higher for quality of entertainment in all market sizes. But as the stakes are higher, the revenue to compete gets smaller. The most memorable and successful personalities entertain with compelling stories that connect with listeners[…]

Charlie Tuna Passes 2.19.16

[FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE 2.29.16]   I find myself with an unexpected loss, of not just a great business partner but truly a dear friend. Charlie Tuna was one of the greatest talents I’ve ever had the pleasure of working with. His tireless efforts each and every day created one of the best sounding radio shows in history,[…]

Charlie Tuna Syndication grows 24/7 Formats

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE [8.28.15] (Los Angeles, CA) Charlie Tuna, National Radio Hall of Famer, and celebrating the 25th anniversary of his Star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, has exited Kearth 101 in Los Angeles as of Thursday 8/27/15 to concentrate on his ever growing company. In the wake of the continuing massive changes[…]

Radio’s Success & Syndication Coach

Are you ready for a game changer? Steve Wall consistently wins with radio stations, personalities and artists in the music and entertainment industries. Wall’s expertise includes talent recruitment, coaching, directing, development, DIY and National Syndication for high profile personalities. Wall coaches and motivates. He inspires talented personalities, executives, and radio stations to increase performance, attitude,[…]

Press ~ Alpha Music Libraries

28/JUL/14 Steve Wall Tapped To Represent Alpha Music Libraries SourceAudio LOS ANGELES, CA: July 28, 2014 – SourceAudio, a business-to-business music licensing and distribution platform which provides exclusive domestic distribution for Alpha Music Libraries through Premiere Networks, is pleased to announce a new working relationship with veteran radio programmer / on air talent Steve Wall.[…]