February 2, 2017

Contemporary Hit Radio


Talent Farm CHR offers a mix of pop, r&b, dance hits as well as select recurrents and throwbacks from the late 90s through today.

Contemporary hit radio (also known as CHR, contemporary hits, current hits, hit music, top 40, or pop radio) is a radio format that focuses on playing current and recurrent popular music as determined by the top 40 music charts.

Talent Farm 24/7 will curate a playlist to your specific needs, unlike those of most music networks.   This music mix creates # 1 rated radio stations from Salina Kansas, to Salinas-Monterey-Santa Crus California, Richmond, Kansas City, San Diego, Bakersfield, Fresno, Stockton, Modesto, Sacramento, Spokane, and many more. You and your audience will appreciate the music mix and flow that is created for longer listening periods, increased audience share and cash flow.

 Barter, Cash or a hybrid of both options.

Interested in CHR 24/7 contact Steve  206-661-5551  Steve.Wall@TalentFarm.net