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Steve Wall / Talent Farm

"ThatGuy" Steve’s Talent Farm works with highly rated personalities across a variety of formats. Delivering premium content, production and programming solutions to radio stations coast to coast.
Exceptional Talent is always in demand.

Listeners love to connect with entertaining, informative, compelling, fun people and programming. Authentic personalities are what audiences remain connected to. Steve Wall's formula for success wins consistently and can help talented people, radio stations and podcasters grow to S T A N D O U T from competitors. Ready to raise the bar? ThatGuy Steve's been pushing the bar higher for over 30 years. Wall increases creativity, motivation, productivity, ratings and revenues ~ successfully & consistently. When you're ready to up your game, email or call Talent Farm for a free 30 minute consultation @ 206-661-5551

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    On-Air Personalities - Consulting - Promotion

  • alpha libraries for radio

    The Biggest Production & Sound Effects Libraries for Radio. Over 1.5 Million tracks & growing

  • 24/7 Formats

    Classic Hits, Variety Hits, Mainstream Country, and more

  • Coaching / Directing

    Top Performers in every field utilize coaches to stay in the “It” zone


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